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We are continuing to encourage health and wellbeing during this pandemic and with restrictions easing, the Vitality Champions Liana Kiteow and Vicci Farrow will continue to run the step challenge again during August.

The challenge has proved popular and been running each month since lockdown began. With the lockdown being lifted we still want to encourage you to all be as active as possible, especially with the gradual return to the office, and it is great fun to see who has earnt the most steps each week.

If you are slowly returning to the office, make sure you get your steps in wherever you can before and after work and during your breaks. You could escape the office on your lunch or break by picking up a coffee and going for a wonder around the West End a colleague/friend.

If you are still working from home most days, here are some tips to increase your steps around the house:

  1. Take a moving break – wander around for a moment, or wander with purpose to make a cuppa.
  2. Walk and talk – it is important to stay connected now more than ever but we are no longer constrained by phone cords. Take a walk around your home whilst you have a natter.
  3. Do a home workout or even jog on the spot to get your heart racing.
  4. House walking – start walking on the spot whenever you can! Brushing your teeth? House walk! Texting? House walk! Watching TV? House walk in the breaks!
  5. Housework – not always a popular activity however, housework is a good way to get the whole body moving and a good way to increase your steps. Not keen on housework? How about some gardening if you have any outside space.
  6. If you can get outside why not have a workout in a local park, go for a jog or a cycle. If there’s a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for a while, why not have a natter on the phone whilst you go for a long walk.