Business Rates Estimates & Budgeting for Future Liabilities

Gerald Eve have invested over £1 million in bespoke data-processing software, enabling both our business rates forecasting and management services to excel in accuracy. Make sure you’re confident in your future liabilities budget for the next tax year.

Our team of business rates specialists have the experience and technology to prepare budgets for your future liabilities, forecasting your business rates and profit levels throughout the rating revaluation.

The uncertainty created by this highly redistributive revaluation means that financial certainty and clarity are more valuable assets to UK businesses than ever before. Gerald Eve have established a reputation for being a leader in property rates estimates and management. Our in-depth understanding of different property sectors and locations ensures that we can supply accurate forecasts, and maintain our position as leaders in business rates throughout the 2017 business rates revaluation.

Our bespoke business rates software is designed to integrate with your financial management systems and processes, so that Gerald Eve’s rates specialists can adopt an accounting approach that aligns with your own reporting framework.

Gerald Eve’s business rates forecasting software, which has been purpose-built and developed to provide accurate property tax estimates, is able to do the following:

Our team have the jurisdictional and valuation expertise needed to provide accurate liabilities budgets, as well as significant property tax savings. We have experience working with all property types, including retail, office, industrial, multifamily, hotel, land, special use properties and personal property.

Our professionals also have expertise within specialized asset classes to offer clients the highest level of confidence and market insight.

For information on how Gerald Eve can help with the management of your business rates, call us today on 0845 1288 952 or send an email to one of rating system experts at