Business Rates Revaluation 2017

Businesses thrive on certainty, and need to be able to budget accurately and plan investments with confidence. Gerald Eve provides correct, accurate advice and information to give businesses confidence during the current business rates revaluation, which came into force on the 1st April 2017.

The 2017 business rates revaluation has been a major cause for concern for companies across the UK. In addition to the tax changes, commercial property owners are also having to navigate new challenges in the way liabilities are managed and appealed.

Gerald Eve has the experience and expertise to guide your business through the business rates revaluation. Our property tax advisers are equipped to handle all manner of property portfolios, and minimise the impact of rateable values cutting into your profit.

The time and resources we have invested into developing our market knowledge of different property sectors and locations ensures that we can supply accurate advice and information and maintain our position as leader in business rates.

How Gerald Eve property tax specialists can help

Gerald Eve have saved UK businesses a total of £2.75bn  since 2010, advising on over 75,000 properties. From airports to zoos, our business rates specialists have advised clients across a huge range of sectors and the combined rateable value of our current client portfolio is over £9.3bn.

We like to keep our clients one step ahead. In anticipation of the VOA draft Rating List, Gerald Eve conducted its own shadow business rates revaluation to give our clients an early, detailed impression of the future changes and in doing so we forecast future ratesliabilities and prepared individual property tax estimates. Our best property tax specialists analysed two million UK properties, using their findings to predict the changes in rateable value of each of business, enabling them to plan and budget with confidence.

Gerald Eve is ready to advise businesses on all aspects of business rates. From business rates recovery to managing business rates payment, our property tax specialists will leave no stone unturned to minimise your liability over the lifetime of the List.

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