Business Rates Appeals

Gerald Eve take on thousands of business rates appeals for clients across the UK, and across many industries. With in-depth understanding of the Check, Challenge, Appeal regime, we’re confident that we can deliver property tax savings to your business.

We believe the success of our business rates appeals is due to the fierce determination our team introduce at every stage of our strategy execution. Gerald Eve’s winning appeal process begins with a thorough examination of each property in your portfolio, enabling our savings specialists to identify all ratings inaccuracies as early as possible.

Seeking professional business rates consultation from Gerald Eve will maximise your chances of winning your appeal and achieving property tax savings. We have rates reduction specialists based in nine major cities across the UK, this invaluable local insight into regional and sector specific rates has enabled us to maintain a record of successful challenges.

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Check Challenge Appeal

The government’s appeals regime accompanies the 2017 business rates revaluation.

The three-stage approach to business rate appeals introduces new obligations, fees and challenges into the process of appealing rates assessments. In order to reduce the amount of time businesses spend waiting for appeals to be processed by the VOA (70% of which lead to no change in assessment), Check Challenge Appeal emphasises early engagement. The government’s aim is for business to be more confident in their property tax assessment, and any discrepancies to be amended swiftly.

Stage 1 – Check

Ratepayers will be expected to check the evidence the VOA have used to calculate their tax, and agree with the facts as far as possible. This stage can be repeated as often as the ratepayer wishes, until an agreement on the details of their assessment is reached.

Stage 2 – Challenge

This stage can only be instigated by the ratepayer within 4 months of the conclusion of Stage 1, with a further 18 months allowed to conclude the Challenge. It could therefore be just short of 3 years from starting the process until any decision is made by the VOA.

The ratepayer will be required to set out: a) grounds for the challenge b) substantive reasons for the challenge, backed by supporting evidence, and c) an alternative valuation which is supported by the evidence provided. The onus will be on the ratepayer to prove the VO’s valuation to be incorrect even though no explanation is to be given as to the VO’s evidence or argument.

Stage 3 – Appeal

Ratepayers will have up to 4 months following the issue of the VOA’s decision notice to make a formal appeal to the Valuation Tribunal – for which a fee will become payable, and refundable if successful. The fee is likely to be between £100 to £300, possibly at a flat rate or variable linked to the rateable value under appeal.
The focus of the Appeal stage is on outstanding assessment issues, following the basis of arguments and evidence which have already been established. In order to provide an incentive for full disclosure by both parties at the Challenge stage the Government will limit the scope for parties to introduce new matters or evidence at Appeal.

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