Historic Rates Audit

Our forensic approach to auditing previous business rates bills has enabled clients to retrieve over £125 million in refunds over the past 5 years. Gerald Eve leave no stone unturned, analysing changes to ratings and identifying inaccuracies so you aren’t out of pocket.

The historic rates audit service we offer our clients includes a forensic, retrospective examination of the billing and payment histories for each of their properties. Through this process we are able to uncover any aberrations that may lead to opportunities for property tax recovery.

Our team of business rates experts have dedicated significant amounts of time and energy to developing an unrivalled understanding of the hugely complicated rates system. Through the layers of ever-changing legislation, statutory instruments and convoluted valuation process, Gerald Eve can help you identify whether or not you have charged the correct rates bill.

We can recover significant funds that were wrongly paid to billing authorities and retrieve monies held by billing authorities that should have been refunded to ratepayers. Our historic rates audit service even covers properties that you no longer occupy.

Identifying opportunities for property tax recovery

Due to the complex nature of the business rates system, mistakes in the payment processes, relief applications and property valuations are not uncommon. Unfortunately for ratepayers, these errors can go undetected for years.

Some examples of the most common mistakes our historic property tax audits uncover include:

In order to avoid experiencing these issues, outsource your business rates payments to us. Gerald Eve currently process over £1.6 billion of our clients’ bills, making us one of the largest, most capable outsourced rates payment management services in the UK.

A comprehensive approach to rates auditing

No matter how large your property portfolio, our dedicated team have the knowledge of the latest business rates legislation to identify and recover any overpayments.

Gerald Eve strive to ensure that the process of business rates recover requires minimal time from clients, and minimal time to achieve results. We’ll complete your historic rates audit within just three to six months and pass on the good news about potential rebates as soon as it’s complete.

For information on how Gerald Eve can help with the management of your previous business rates payments, call us today on 0845 1288 952 or send an email to one of rating system experts at rating@geraldeve.com

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