Things to Check Before Choosing a Fund Manager

Things to Check Before Choosing a Fund Manager

Fund management is particularly important for clients with smaller portfolios, where the risk is high. That’s why it’s essential to find a good fund manager who can make strategic decisions on your behalf to improve the overall performance of the property portfolio. With many assets, effective management is key and therefore a worthy fund manager can offer both investment advice and effective service delivery, in order to maximise the capital performance of the investment portfolio.
If you’ve decided your company would benefit from a fund manager, where do you find the best in the business? Commercial fund management is offered by many financial organisations and property specialists but how do you decide which one best fits your portfolio? Aside from personal recommendations and business reputation, there are a few things to look out for which could aid your decision.

Track record of portfolio management

It’s always a good idea to find out how many portfolios a fund manager is currently managing, or how much investment they can manage at once. If they are successfully managing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment portfolios, around the country or globally, then this proves they can handle yours too.

Industry recognition

If a company has a number of accolades and awards, then this is another sign that they have business credibility and authority. To be recognised by specialist sector publications or industry bodies makes a company successful but also trustworthy. For example, Gerald Eve this year picked up a double win at the Property Awards 2017, which are among the industry’s most prestigious honours. One of these awards was for Investment Team of the Year, highlighting Gerald Eve’s growth, expertise and success in property investment and management.

Satisfied clients

Of course, as with anything you purchase or any business service you commit to, it’s vital to research what customers and clients have to say about it. If you can read client testimonials or reviews online which explain how the fund management service has improved portfolio performance, then this is a good sign. The more satisfied clients you are aware of, the higher chance you’ll become one yourself.

Fund management is a niche combining property expertise, investment advice, early planning, stock selection strategy and income optimisation. With the right fund manager, your portfolio could do so much more. If you’re interested in fund management, get in touch with our team today.