PAM Photo Challenge - July 2019

Our PAM team have been on the road, showcasing their work across all of the regional offices in the Gerald Eve network. This is a brilliant way for everyone at…

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Gareth Williams

A day in the life of PAM’s Head of Finance - June 2019

Featuring Gareth Williams based in our West Malling office Q. What do PAM Finance do? Finance are an integral part of the PAM team – we are ultimately responsible for…

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Aimee Purdy

A day in the life of a Property Manager - May 2019

Featuring Aimee Purdy based in London West End office.  Q. How did you get into PM? I left university with a degree in business management and then was faced with…

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Chandra Hughes

Managing client relations – Yes versus No - April 2019

Featuring Chandra Hughes, our Director of Facilities Management and secretary of the IWFM People Management SIG Anyone that works in facilities management will be familiar with pressure. Clients and occupiers…

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gerald eve staff

A day in the life of a Facilities Manager - March 2019

Featuring Suzanne Bech in Bristol. Q. How did you get into facilities management? By accident really – I worked in recruitment and was getting a little frustrated with the role,…

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