City of London Corporation Appoints Gerald Eve To Advise On City’s CIL

The City of London Corporation, with the endorsement of the City Property Association, has appointed Gerald Eve LLP to advise on the forthcoming Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for the City of London.
The mandate focuses on advising on both the potential impact of the levy and the level at which it should be set when introduced. Under the instruction, Gerald Eve will lead the corporation’s consultation with landlords, developers and other key stakeholders within the Square Mile.

Paul Beckett, City Corporation’s Planning Policy Director, comments: “Gerald Eve will provide a sound evidence base to enable the City Corporation to set a City CIL rate that encourages development and contributes to the improved infrastructure the City needs to deliver long term sustainable growth.”

Hugh Bullock, Head of Gerald Eve’s planning and development team, comments: “The City of London is one of the UK’s most active markets, and as such the impact of any CIL needs to be carefully judged if it is to strike the right balance between revenue-raising and development activity.

“The range of landlords and developers operating within the Square Mile means that the consultation needs to be as comprehensive as possible if the right conclusions are to be drawn and the CIL is to be set at a level that represents the best interests of The City.”