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Support package unveiled to assist those returning to work after 18 months or more


Gerald Eve has launched a ‘Career Returners’ programme, designed to support those seeking to rejoin the workforce after extended breaks of 18 months or more.

Open to both women and men who previously worked at any company, not just Gerald Eve, the initiative has been designed to help smooth the transition back into the workplace for those returning after a career break.

Gerald Eve has developed the programme alongside Women Returners, a consultancy focused on enabling talented professionals to return to work after an extended career break. Initiatives include:


While the reason for the break – maternity/paternity, travel, care of loved ones – is immaterial, the firm asks that applicants have a previous background in a similar role to the one they are seeking.

Sarah Draper, HR director at Gerald Eve, said: “Returning to the workforce after an extended break can be a daunting process, and this programme is designed to smooth the way as much as possible. There’s a variety of reasons that make returning tricky, but the initiatives we have developed will help people to negotiate the hurdles that stand in the way.

“Because women are more likely to take an extended career break, we are anticipating these initiatives being of particular benefit to them, but it is of course open to everyone who is returning to work. As a firm, we have long been committed to helping our employees find the best working arrangements for them, and this new Career Returners programme is part of that ethos and approach.”

Those interested in taking advantage of Gerald Eve’s Career Returners programme should view current vacancies on the firm’s website (

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