Mark Banton



London (West End)

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T: +44 (0)20 7333 6316

E: [email protected]

Mark is a Partner based in the West End. He specialises in the minerals, waste management and related industries. He provides advice to operators, lending institutions and landlords.  He has undertaken numerous valuation instructions including major international asset valuations. Mark joined Gerald Eve in 1997 having spent seven years in RMC’s estates department.  Prior to that he worked for the Valuation Office in Maidenhead and Reading.

Specific experience
Mark has carried out valuation of mineral assets, waste management facilities, wharves, land and buildings throughout the UK; and valuation of mineral reserves in Europe, Asia and the USA.

He has provided valuation advice to Tarmac, Aggregate Industries, Hanson, and Breedon Aggregates and numerous lending institutions, as well as providing advice to a lending institution on the value of a waste management site as the facility was developed.

Arbitration, Independent Expert and Expert Witness
Mark is on the dispute resolution panels of the RICS as an Arbitrator and Independent Expert. He is frequently appointed to resolve rent reviews, royalty reviews and other disputes.

He has presented successful expert witness evidence at Lands Tribunal regarding the disputed value of mineral reserves and other properties. He has acted as a Single Joint Expert appointed by several county courts to value quarries, void space and industrial property.

Mark provided disposal and acquisition advice regarding quarries, landfill sites, railheads, wharves, jetties, waste management premises and industrial facilities.

Estates Management/Landlord & Tenant
Mark has negotiated numerous rent and royalty reviews of quarries, landfill sites, energy from waste plant sites, waste management facilities, industrial land, former airfields, wharves, jetties, railheads and related land.

He has also provided advice to several county councils regarding the strategic acquisition, rent reviews, development and valuation of civic amenity sites and waste transfer stations.

He has negotiated numerous option agreements, leases and the freehold acquisition of mineral reserves, waste management sites and industrial land.

He has acted in the development and estates management advice to operating companies and landlords; prepared and submitted planning applications and negotiated related legal agreements; provided a complete management service to the landlord of a quarry producing circa 800,000 tonnes per year; and provided strategic advice on the long term development of a portfolio of mineral and industrial properties.

Compulsory Purchase
Mark has worked on negotiation of compensation, deferred acquisition date and provision of replacement facilities for properties acquired for the 2012 London Olympics and Crossrail. He acted on behalf of a major minerals company regarding the value of its mineral reserves adversely affected by High Speed Two; and gave advice to a county council regarding the valuation of enhanced access improvements leading to a waste management facility within the green belt.

He also has experience acting on behalf of companies regarding the compulsory acquisition of their rail-fed industrial premises; negotiating compensation claims and the rerouting of services overlying mineral reserves; and acquiring properties in advance of their compulsory acquisition.

Mark reduced the overall rates liability for RMC by one third during the 1990 Rating List in addition to reductions due to closures; and provided full Rates Management service for major property portfolios including Tarmac, Aggregate Industries, Shanks, Biffa, Grundon and numerous independent companies.

Mark has also provided advice on rates mitigation due to partial occupation, splits and mergers; and budget advice and cost estimates for new properties.

He has acted in the management, negotiation and settlement of Lands Tribunal Rating Appeals related to mineral extraction and landfill sites for the 1990 and 1995 Rating List; and has experience in the successful presentation of numerous cases at Valuation Tribunal Hearings for the 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 Rating Lists.