Gabrielle Castor

Senior Surveyor

London (West End)

Contact Gabrielle
T: +44 (0)203 486 3617

Gabrielle is a corporate real estate surveyor and specialises in managing occupiers’ commercial property portfolios to maximise efficiency of use and minimise costs. She has a range of client experience.

Gabrielle’s focus is on providing strategic advice and performance reporting to ensure that clients’ real estate aligns with their wider business plan and objectives. Gabrielle undertakes transactions herself as well as managing transactions on behalf of clients when a Gerald Eve specialist team is more equipped to do so ensuring knowledge of the total portfolio is not lost and cohesiveness is maintained.

Specific experience

Gabrielle is currently responsible for the day to day management of The Ardonough Group account and acts as an extension to their internal property team, creating and maintaining direct relationships with many stakeholders across the company from members of the executive board, to local managing directors to facilities management. Gabrielle brings a wealth of experience in day to day corporate real estate including stakeholder management, data analysis, opportunity identification, business case preparation, project implementation and delivery as well as individual property and portfolio level strategy.