Jeremy Tonge


London (West End)

Contact Jeremy
T: +44 (0)20 7333 6322

Jeremy is a Partner in our Alternative Markets department based in London and leads the residential valuation team focused on asset-backed debt and equity investment, for development, single assets and portfolios.  Jeremy is also experienced in social housing valuation for HRA purposes, and rented housing, including PRS, for investment and development.

He co-ordinates the activities of the Gerald Eve Housing Group, which provides capital markets, brokerage, development, planning, project monitoring and valuation advisory services to land owners, investors/developers and commissioners of rented housing.

Jeremy also works with the other four specialist residential teams at Gerald Eve: Affordable, Debt, Development, Estates and Leasehold and provides advice on valuation for IHT, CGT and ATED.

His experience ranges from valuing super-prime property to social housing portfolios with aggregate vacant possession values in excess of £7 billion.