Land East of Seagrave Rd, Sileby, Loughborough LE12 7NH

Development, Investment, Residential


879,912 Sq ft


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The Opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity to purchase a substantial residential development site in this sought after location.

There is the potential to acquire Phase 1 of the scheme within a 20.2 acre plot. However, purchasers should make their own assessment for the number of dwellings that can be accommodated within the red line of Phase 1.

At present the site comprises predominantly arable fields. Trees and bushes are present along the south eastern border of the site through which the Sileby Brook runs.

The site is located immediately to the north of the current Bellway Homes ‘Seagrave Park’ development.

The main access to the site will be provided off Seagrave Road.



The site is located on the north-east border of the village of Sileby, Leicestershire. The village lies approximately 10.8 km (6.7 miles) north of Leicester and 8.9 km (5.5 miles) south east of Loughborough.

Sileby is a large village which accommodates approximately 7,835 residents. They have access to a variety of shops and amenities within the village centre including two doctors surgeries, two pharmacies, a dentist, a gym, various shops, cafes and takeaways. The site is within a short walk along the public footpath from Highgate Primary School and Busy Bee’s Supermarket.

Planning Policy

The site lies within the jurisdiction of Charnwood Borough Council.
Outline planning permission (Ref. P/15/0047/2) was approved at appeal (APP/X2410/W/16/3152082) in July 2018.
The permission comprises the following:
• Residential development for up to 195 residential dwellings
• 30% affordable housing
• Public open spaces, landscaping and associated highway works A selection of the planning application documents can be found on Charnwood Borough Council’s website (Ref. P/15/0047/2).
A full suite of documents are available on the data room.
At present, part of the area that benefits from outline planning permission is affected by a restriction on built development, due to the potential impact on a small part of the site from the poultry farm to the north. The Planning Inspector imposed a restrictive condition limiting the area on site where residential dwellings can be located.
This brochure identifies the restricted area in hatched blue (Phase 2).
The wording of this condition is provided below
‘No dwellings shall be built within that part of the site that is identified as being affected by odour concentrations of 3.0OUE/m3 or above on the ‘2010 with Seasonal Variation’ contour map (inquiry document 21).’
The restriction is for dwellings only, therefore all other uses can be accommodated in this area including gardens, roads and landscaping/open space. Interested parties are asked to make their own assumptions on the number of dwellings that can be accommodated outside of the restricted area, but are requested to maximise the development coverage within the Phase 1 red line boundary. A masterplan for these assumptions is requested as part of any submissions, but for clarity, purchasers are permitted to use the blue hatched land in formulating their masterplans for everything but residential dwellings. Furthermore, all proposals must identify clear highways access for Phase 2 as well an allowance for full service provision.

Seagrave Rd, Sileby, Loughborough LE12 7NH, UK