London Floor Review Q3 2016


Providing data and insight on take-up, availability and rents on a floor-by-floor basis, the London Floor Review is essential reading for those looking for an alternative perspective on the performance of the London office market.

Main findings this quarter:

  • London take-up rises by 1% in Q3
  • Take-up drops 17% in the East, yet prime rents stable at £70 per sq ft
  • Take-up increases 25% in the West, but prime rents fall to £120 per sq ft
  • London availability rises by 17% as developments complete
  • However, supply remains low in historic terms and this will help insulate the market
  • Occupiers place increased emphasis on lease flexibility
  • Some landlords postpone development plans to protect short term income.

To find out more, please download the full report.