Despite the ongoing emphasis on services, reports of the death of UK industry have been greatly exaggerated. Factories, manufacturing facilities, steelworks, chemical plants, shipyards, ports and power stations remain central to the UK economy, but operators face an ongoing battle to remain competitive and at the cutting edge. Where activity is declining, large sites – often including very specialised plant and machinery – require unique solutions to bring them into alternative use.

Gerald Eve’s experience in the sector enables a genuinely innovative and award-winning approach, appraising each asset on an individual basis to identify the most appropriate course of action. Whether it is expanding a production site, ensuring the efficient use of real estate, or the disposal of redundant space and land, Gerald Eve’s industrial team brings its technical knowledge and expertise to bear on the most intractable problems. Agency, lease consultancy, business rates and valuation form the bulk of the team’s work.

Based throughout Gerald Eve’s nationwide office network, the industrial team is one of the UK’s largest with 26 specialists working across a wide range of instructions and assets. Clients include: BP, British Energy, Michelin Tyre, Peugeot, Rolls-Royce, Royal Mail, Siemens, Shell, TDG and Unilever.

Key People