Sectors > Charity, Religious & Third Sector

Delivering services to these specialist sectors requires an understanding and empathy that differs from the requirements from other property types

The voluntary community organisations, charities and social enterprises that embody the sector often own or occupy specialist properties. Heritage assets, museums and art galleries, churches and other religious properties, charity-run community assets including schools, care homes and hospitals are just some examples of those which fall outside of the ‘mainstream’ property sectors.

Unlike many of our competitors, we excel in these sectors. They require an understanding and empathy that contrasts with the requirements of the private and public sectors. They also require specific technical knowledge that extends, for instance, to an understanding of charitable purposes and the intricacies of charity law as well as strategic property advice.

Our advice brings together a range of technical skills including in respect of valuation, landlord and tenant, planning and development, Rating, building consultancy and purchase and disposal – ensuring full compliance with the Charities Act, as well as direct expertise of specialist property types and trading businesses.

We draw upon experience of advising both ‘for profit’ service providers and ‘not for profit’ organisations and we understand the way in which charities work, the regulatory framework and the need for clearly reported, independent property advice.