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We have the residential sector covered;  valuing everything from complex leasehold reform issues to unlocking development potential and rented housing

We provide valuation advice to London’s greatest estates for internal accounting purposes, capital gains and inheritance tax, to Private Banks and Wealth Managers, for new development or conversion appraisals, and for strategic tax planning. These estates have been affected by increasingly complex leasehold reform legislation, allowing leaseholders to buy their freeholds or extend their leases. Each case requires complex and very technical valuations and often difficult negotiations in which recourse to litigation may be inevitable. Gerald Eve’s leasehold reform team leads the market in dealing with this complex area.

Banks and Wealth Managers acknowledge the responsiveness and quality of reporting from our dedicated valuation team.

Our Planning and Development team are currently delivering over 60,000 new homes – from obtaining planning permission, finding development partners and disposing of development sites through site assembly and compulsory purchase to assessing financial and commercial viability and advising on Affordable Housing provision. Current projects range in size from extensions to prime central London residences to 7,500 new homes in urban extensions in the Midlands.

We are advising major house builders, public authorities, Registered Providers and blue chip developers, and our understanding of their priorities is the key to our success. We bring a combination of outstanding technical skills, a thorough understanding of the market and a pro-active client focus to each project.