Protected: Capital Management

We provide strategic portfolio structuring which we translate into individual asset business plans for each property so that each unit is performing to its maximum capability.

How do we do this? We involve the whole team in an integrated approach led by one partner.

The client – it requires a thorough understanding of the investors and funds objectives and a detailed analyses of every aspect of the funds structure to assess the balance and risks.

Our high performing and market leading research team are critical in helping all involved to set relevant performance metrics and anticipate risks and disruption over the life of the fund.


Capital markets’ 27 investment advisors are essential contributors with capabilities across a range of asset classes and disciplines offering a unique proposition with a powerful blend of market intelligence and a highly analytical approach.

Flowing through to property and asset management (PAM) experienced experts to develop and deliver the smart ongoing asset business plans which might involve major development, refurbishment, regearing, restructuring, mitigating risks eg tenant mix review, unrelenting hands on property management with relationships at the centre.

Review our projects for examples of what you can expect and note what good company and valued clients you will be with.
All this offered in an accessible, friendly manner with people you will enjoy working with. Not always the cheapest but definitely the best.

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