Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters

Within our wider Building Consultancy group, we have a specialist team of Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters experts, working with clients who are developing a property as well as those affected as neighbouring owners.

Our involvement in the early stages of a development will lead to issues such as scaffolding and/or crane licenses being identified and addressed, sometimes through alternative design or negotiations. At the outset we identify opportunities to manage risk, increase value and save costs.

We have a deep understanding of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, the issues that arise, the way in which party wall and neighbourly matters link to key decisions and the importance of getting the timing right and of making early decisions in advance of detailed design.

Service Offer


Party Wall & Neighbourly Matters Reports

We prepare reports for clients looking to acquire a site, which sets out the statutory obligations under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and associated neighbourly matters such as the site’s boundary and consent required for access onto or over the neighbouring properties.

Schedules of condition

Prior to the commencement of the works, we create a fully detailed schedule of condition of the neighbouring properties and surrounding infrastructure which will be used as a point of reference should any damage occur.

Scaffolding licenses and crane oversail agreements

We advise around the requirements of enabling scaffold or a crane to oversail neighbouring property including consent.

Neighbourly liaison

We always work to build a good rapport with the affected owners and neighbours to ensure that the interests of the site’s neighbours are fully considered during the course of the works.

Our advice does not exist in isolation. We draw upon the firm’s wider understanding of the real estate market and the other expertise available within Gerald Eve, to deliver considered commercial solutions. Together, we have the resource, experience and relationships to deliver the best property solutions for your business.

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