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Valuations form the foundations of modern property markets.

The confidence they provide stands behind the loans that are made, the developments that are undertaken and the management decisions that are enacted. Insight and accuracy are everything.

We understand the importance of service and the factors that impact on a valuation, including sector and local markets expertise. Our network of nine offices provides unrivalled insight into a wide range of asset classes, from traditional sectors such as offices, retail, industrial and residential, through to evolving alternative markets in hotels, leisure, education, healthcare, infrastructure and minerals.

You get a team of more than 130 RICS registered valuers, each with a unique understanding of the sectors in which they specialise. Accuracy and quality are reinforced through our valuation panel, with changes in market conditions, perceptions and sentiment constantly monitored through engagement with agency colleagues.

Our team gives you the confidence you need to make the decisions that matter to your business.

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