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Values & Ethics

We believe our track record in retaining clients and employees speaks volumes about how we live our values.


Inspired by an ethical culture, we are driven to be different.

Our business ethics make us good people to do business with; aside from expert advice, it’s one of the main reasons why clients come to Gerald Eve.

We invest time and energy ensuring we all behave in a transparent and professional manner, in all aspects of our work. As a partner owned and managed business, independence from shareholders ensures that we are not hindered by petty politics or putting short-term profit ahead of long-term relationships.

Integrity and ethics are essential to the success of any business, and these values are placed at the centre of Gerald Eve, written into the firm’s DNA. We strive to abide by both the spirit and the letter of the law, and our clients can rest easy that they are working with a firm that always seeks to do ‘the right thing’ over the easiest course of action.

Gillian Dixon, risk and compliance manager

Our Ethical Culture

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