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For many businesses, outsourcing property management is a central part of strategic success, allowing the company to concentrate on its core operations. Gerald Eve’s dedicated corporate real estate team provides asset management advice on over 5,500 properties across the UK. As part of the Newmark Group, we offer advice across the globe to all of our international clients.  We operate from approximately 180 offices with nearly 6,700 professionals around the world.


We have the experts, the knowledge and the resources to take charge of your portfolio, managing the complexities and easing the administrative burden.


Our services are tailored to suit your organisation’s changing requirements. Together we make the right choices to improve profit, enhance value and control risk.


Real estate can be a distraction from your core business. Let our expert team find and deliver the solutions for you.

Client Access
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Estate Management
  • Database & treasury

Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio Strategy

Our corporate real estate experts are the leaders in supporting clients in their strategic decision making. Real estate is a key element of any business, but can be a distraction from core activity, and our experts work with clients’ separate business teams to set strategy and portfolio planning to align with objectives.

Portfolio planning can be a complex and daunting process, involving huge datasets and many variables. We use dynamic quantitative and qualitative assessments to identify the strategy to best meet your business requirements.

Estate Management

Estate Management

Our team of estate management specialists give you an unrivalled depth of knowledge across all areas of real estate.

We work with in-house property, operations and finance teams to identify opportunities, maximise investment returns and reduce property costs.

Database & treasury

Database & treasury

Our client accounting team processes approximately £4 billion of client money in payables and receivables each year. With proprietary software and a bespoke full-service approach, we can significantly enhance your business’ financial controls, audit and Governance reporting .

Our property management finance service provides complete control and accountability, with property data stored centrally to provide access to real-time information supporting accounting calendars and portfolio needs.

In parallel, our bespoke property database offers a fast, secure platform to manage and administer all property records, and can be tailored to each client and portfolio.

Our dedicated teams, unique software and intuitive reporting maximises your cashflow and minimises your involvement.

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James Southey


Louise Bennett


Andrew Rudd



  • What is corporate real estate?

    Corporate real estate refers to the property utilised by an organisation for its own operational purposes. This kind of real estate provides organisations with a productive environment for employees, manufacturing and distribution and provides services to the market. 


  • What is the difference between corporate real estate and commercial real estate?

    Corporate real estate refers to the leased or owned properties a business uses to support its business activities. Commercial real estate investors, owners and developers usually invest capital for a financial return which means their focus is on the amount and stability of income a property will generate. 

  • Why corporate real estate management is important?

    Corporate real estate and corporate facilities are a valuable asset and maximising the value of this real estate is exceptionally important. Corporate real estate management is vital in overseeing the portfolio of a company’s properties, and our team will help you take charge of your portfolio, manage any complexities and ease the entire administrative burden. 

  • Why you should invest in corporate real estate?

    Corporate real estate offers a growing opportunity for investors as it is a tangible asset that yields a strong and steady cash flow and highlights diversification in investment portfolios. It is also a strong investment as it will not zero out as long as there’s improvement potential and land.