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Charitable organisations can face unique real estate challenges that require creative, distinct and empathetic solutions.

The properties you own and occupy can be specialist spaces – often housed in heritage buildings and listed premises – and even seemingly straightforward cases are subject to particular sensitivities. Community organisations, charities, social enterprises and religious orders need strategies that meet their competing requirements, for which traditional real estate advice is unsuitable.

Our team holds specific technical knowledge ideally suited to the sector, including an understanding of charitable objectives and the intricacies of charity law, as well as strategic real estate advice tailored to the unique challenges such organisations face. We have an understanding and empathy that contrast with what is required in other sectors, but draws upon our experience to provide clearly reported, independent, commercially sound real estate advice within the regulatory framework.

Our clients include a broad range of charitable organisations including mainstream charities, religious groups; healthcare and educational institutions; and a number of other charitable entities, as well as museums and institutions of the arts. We provide a full service offering to charities from valuations, Designated Adviser’s Reports, acquisitions and disposals and strategic estates advice to planning, building consultancy and rates mitigation.

Charity Services

Our specialist team in Education, Healthcare and Charities have reflected on the deals that kept them busy in 2023, creating a summary deal sheet.

Over the last twelve months, our experts have advised across the country on a variety of exciting deals which lead the market.

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What is the Third Sector?

The Gerald Eve team of professionals have vast experience when it comes to the third sector and third sector real estate.


The third sector is a term that covers a wide variety of organisations with a vast range of purposes and structures, forming part of neither the public nor private sector. This sector is also referred to as non-governmental, voluntary and non-profit and these terms describe an organisation that shares the same fundamental elements.


Below, we unpack these terms and what the third sector is and how it can be identified.

Non-governmental: These organisations can work alongside government agencies and can receive funding or commission from the government – these organisations are fully independent from the government itself

Values-driven: Third sector organisations pursue specific goals that are aligned with particular political or social perspectives.

Non-profit: A third sector organisation can raise funds and generate finances in order to invest in environmental, social or cultural projects or objectives – they are not in place to make a profit as an end.


The kinds of organisations that make up the third sector include:

Community and voluntary organisations


Social cooperatives and enterprises

Private research institutes etc.

  • The Value of the Charity sector

    This sector operates at every level of society, from local to international and has the ability to contribute to the well-being of society in the UK and abroad. We understand the growing importance of third sector organisations and with this in mind, we work closely with charitable organisations, and understand the unique real estate challenges that they face. 


    We will work alongside our clients to help them overcome these challenges by planning and implementing creative, distinct and empathetic solutions. 

  • The Importance of Managing Charity Properties


    It is vital that charities have proper property strategies in place due to increasing costs of renting and buying. It is important that all charities have strategic property plans in place as well as regular property reporting for trustees. These properties need to keep complete records to ensure property costs are taken care of and that no property costs go unseen.

  • What we can do for you?

    With the above in mind, the Gerald Eve team of charity and religious property experts hold technical knowledge suited to the third sector and have a vast understanding of charitable objectives as well as charity law to ensure strategic real estate advisory services that are crafted to the unique challenges that our clients face. We handle all of our charity services with empathy and draw upon our experience to offer our clients with clearly reported, commercially viable and independent real estate advice that fits within the regulatory framework required for the sector.


    The Gerald Eve team offers our third sector clients real estate advisory services from valuations and Designated Adviser’s Reports to disposals and strategic estate advice as well as building consultancy, rates mitigation and planning. From community organisations, charities and social enterprises to religious orders, we work to provide our clients with real estate strategies that meet their competing requirements, for which traditional real estate advice is unsuitable.