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Real Estate Data Foundation

Gerald Eve is recognised as being shaped by ethics. It is one of the reasons that clients trust us and as we move into an increasingly digital world, the way we use data in our business and to serve clients, means we need to focus on not only what is technologically and legally possible, but we need to also consider what is ethically correct.

In addressing the concept of the ethical use of data, Gerald Eve has signed up to support the Real Estate Data Foundation Ethical principles.

The Real Estate Data Foundation is a relatively new initiative that is being supported by bodies such as the RICS, the BPF and a number of others including Knight Frank, Carter Jonas and MITIE.

This is a first step, but an important one nonetheless, on which we will build out our systems and service offerings to ensure we remain recognised as being at the forefront of the ethical agenda.

We have a responsibility to make sure we consider the ethical implications of using data. Gerald Eve is known in the market for our ethical approach in advising our clients, and as this becomes more data driven, we intend to ensure we maintain our ethical values. The RED Foundation Ethical Principles is a great platform to help guide and influence our data strategy.