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Valuing confidence

Valuations form the foundations of modern property markets.

It provides prospective buyers with the idea of how much they should pay for an asset and how much it can be sold for. The confidence valuations provide stands behind a Company’s financial accounts, the loans made by lending institutions, developments that are to be undertaken or the management decisions that are enacted. Insight and accuracy are everything.

This is why it is vital to work with valuation advisory experts. At Gerald Eve, our valuation experts understand the dynamics that impact on a valuation, the regulatory principles that underlie them, the sector and local market knowledge and the importance of a succinct and timely service. Our national network of offices provide exceptional insight into a wide range of asset classes, from the traditional offices, retail, industrial and residential sectors, through to evolving operational real estate markets including hotels, leisure, education, healthcare, infrastructure and minerals.

We have a team of more than 150 RICS registered valuers, each with a unique understanding of the sectors in which they specialise. We value properties for purposes including loan security, financial reporting, expert witness, acquisitions and disposals, best value, taxation and development viability. Accuracy and quality are reinforced through our valuation panel, with changes in market conditions, perceptions and sentiment and is constantly monitored through engagement with capital markets and agency colleagues.

Our team will give you the confidence you need to make the decisions that matter to your business.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is valuation advisory?

    A valuation advisory expert will provide a credible valuation of your business and its assets. Our industry know-how  and market knowledge will guide you in making investment decisions, and provide a credible valuation of your business and assets. Our team has the industry knowledge to understand how market trends may impact value, and have a professional understanding of the applicable legal, tax, and regulatory environment.

  • What does a valuation team do?

    Our valuation experts create asset valuation reports, financial reporting, business risk services and offer assistance with decision making. We work with a variety of properties and conduct market research to analyse the value of assets, determine the risk and tax implications of a transaction and present reports and related data to our clients.

  • What is a valuation service

    A company has a variety of assets on its books and assets such as real estate need to be evaluated to determine its value. Most assets can have subjectivity in valuation and this is why a professional valuation service is necessary.


    Our team will help you with investment decisions and provide assistance with decision making, giving you the confidence you need to make the right business decisions and investment decisions to better your business.