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As the way we live and work changes, new housing tenures are coming to the fore. Many people long embraced shared living, but are now seeking homes that are better appointed, more professionally managed and offering greater lifestyle benefits. The shared amenity and living space provided by co-living is an emerging and increasingly significant sector of the market.

Co-living is focused on giving residents the services, utilities and amenities they need, but within the shared space environment that is both more social and encouraging of interaction and collaboration among all ages. It is a delicate balance to perfect, but one that we understand instinctively.

New-build residential property specifically for co-living is well-established internationally, but is a relatively recent innovation in the UK, where it is crystalising a way of living that has long existed informally in flatshares and houses of multiple occupation.

As the dynamics of good quality accommodation and amenity, community accessibility and flexibility provide social benefits, co-living is expected to become increasingly established as an alternative residential model for the UK. A growing number of co-living schemes are now operating in London and major regional cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, with several more schemes working their way through the planning process.

Our team has specialist knowledge of the sector – from a viability and development perspective through to planning and investment expertise – and is on hand to further explain and guide you through this emerging sub-sector. We are here to help you capitalise on the opportunities being created.

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