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We are one of the UK’s most-respected planning and development consultancies, working with leading private, public and third sector clients on some of the most high profile and complex projects in the country.

With over 100 specialists based in London, Birmingham and Manchester, our capabilities reach every corner of the UK.

We engage actively across the political landscape – both directly with Government and on policy issues through appropriate forums – to create solutions that benefit all stakeholders. Our agile approach and integrated advice add clear value to landowners, the projects themselves and the communities where they are located.

We leverage our national and local understanding, as well as an appreciation of the risks and opportunities that each scheme presents, to devise innovative, adaptable solutions that meet our clients’ objectives.

Most of all we are about results, securing the best outcomes for you.

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Real estate planning and development consultancy

The Gerald Eve real estate planning and development specialists will help you make the most informed decisions regarding a variety of planning and development processes, from scheduling and surveys to construction and development monitoring, maintenance and cost assessments.

  • Capital planning for real estate development

    We will work with you to plan capital expenditures for your project, assist you with evaluation scope, business strategy, budget and risk management. With a vast local and national understanding of risks and opportunities related to real estate development and schemes, we will help you devise innovative capital solutions to meet your objectives, helping you prioritise work against your budget.

  • Project management for planning and development

    We will work with you to transform your land, making sure of every aspect of your design and construction and will work with you to bring your vision to life.

  • Urban Planning

    Sustainable development of urban areas requires a fully integrated planning approach and needs to consider all the possible impacts and benefits. Our team of experts have an appreciation for urban planning and work to ensure long-term value on all urban projects.