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We offer a full plant and machinery valuation service through our association with specialist valuers Hickman Shearer.

By partnering with a firm specialising in this field, we ensure you receive the very best in valuations of plant and machinery for insurance purposes, purchase price allocation, balance sheet and taxation.

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The Importance of plant and machinery valuation

Our team of specialist plant and machinery surveyors provide a valuation that allows your business to identify any potential risks to the business while ensuring the business complies with all legal and regulatory requirements. 


If you own a business that maintains machinery, fleets or construction equipment or you rely on tools and machinery to operate your business, then plant and machinery valuation is vital. This kind of service is important across industries and will help you identify and determine the cost and value of your assets. A plant and machinery valuation will also help you identify depreciation of machinery and help you identify any possible risks – and prepare for these risks.

  • Asset Valuation methodologies

    Plant and machinery valuation refers to assessing the market value of all plant and machinery assets. Businesses that use plants and machinery need to establish value to fix these assets regularly. This is usually an overwhelming job and this is why it needs to be taken on by a professional appraiser. Valuation methods also need to be taken into account and are based on the purpose of the valuation. 


    Appraisers will implement a variety of approaches including a market approach. This approach is used to determine the market value of an asset and analyse historical market transactions. Another approach is the depreciation replacement cost method also referred to as the cost approach, and this calculates the current value of the assets by estimating the cost of replacing the machine for one in the same condition.

  • Understanding Plant and Machinery Valuation

    This process is an assessment of the value of your assets and equipment used across your business. This valuation focuses on a variety of assets including vehicles, machinery, tools and related equipment. There are a variety of reasons to perform a plant and machinery valuation such as for the purpose of tax, asset management and insurance.

  • The Purpose of Plant and Machinery Valuation

    Plant and machinery valuation will establish the value and determine the price of fixed assets. A plant and machinery valuation will be performed for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to:


    • Financial reporting: to document the value of tangible assets
    • Purchasing and selling machinery: to determine the right time to purchase or sell machinery
    • Financing: for businesses that require funding or for businesses looking to bring in more machinery
    • Life of machinery: estimating the remaining life of machinery and to ascertain when machinery requires repair or should be replaced
    • Risk regulation: regulate any possible risk attached to business operations and to identify any possible threats that could affect the efficiency of the business.
  • The Benefit of Plant and Machinery Valuation Services

    • Plant and machinery valuations allow your business to identify and proper for any potential business risk associated with your machinery and plant assets. 
    • This service is also beneficial for your investors as well as your stakeholders. With plant and machinery analysis and valuation as they are able to make informed decisions when investing in your plant or your machinery. 
    • If your business is looking to sell some plant machinery or assets, valuation services will help you determine the right price based on current market and machinery condition – as well as supply and demand of the machinery.
    • Valuations comply with legal requirements and are vital for financial reporting and auditing.
    • Ascertain the remaining life of your machinery and how much the machinery will depreciate in value.
    • Valuations will identify when you require new machinery to better your processes while also allowing you to determine if you require financing for new machinery.
    • Plant and machinery valuations are long-term business investments and are vital to the sustainability of your business and business operations.
  • Leading Plant and Machinery Valuation Service Providers

    Gerald Eve is one of the leading valuation service providers in the UK and has a team of dedicated experts who will undertake all your plant and machinery valuation requirements.


    We are committed to providing our clients with the best plant and machinery valuation services and have partnered with a top firm to ensure you received the very best valuations for insurance purposes, price allocation, taxation and balance sheet purposes.