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Old assumptions about how people choose to live are changing. More people are embracing the advantages of renting, but seek a more professional, reliable approach, and the ease of having all services and utilities included within their monthly rent.

What’s more, they want to live in homes that truly meet their needs, when and where they choose, and to have the amenities and facilities they enjoy located on their doorstep.

But the majority of the UK’s existing housing stock is ill-suited to meet this demand. Houses converted into flats can bring all kinds of issues, and some ‘buy-to-let’ landlords have a reputation for poor service.

For long-term, professional owners and investors it is a growing market that offers huge promise, through either new-build developments or the repurposing of commercial buildings. But the planning rules around permitted development and build-to-rent policies require careful navigation, and specialist insight of the issues involved.

We understand every aspect of the sector, and have the expertise to guide you through it. From acquisition, funding and development, onto executing the right operational and asset management strategies, our team is here to help you.

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  • What is Build to Rent?

    BTR properties are designed for the rental market, as opposed to home ownership. Rather than develop a residential block and sell apartments individually, all flats are owned by one landlord, producing a reliable and sustainable income stream. This benefits tenants, as their landlord is invested in ensuring common parts and amenities are good quality and well-maintained.


    BTR arrived in the UK following the 2012 Olympics, when Stratford East Village was transformed from accommodation for athletes to private rental homes. Since then, developments have sprung up across the country, with many projects backed by the Home Building Fund and the Government. New development has been driven by increased demand from tenants as well as institutional investors looking to diversify their real estate holdings.


    BTR developments often differentiate themselves from the wider private rented sector by creating communities via shared amenities and communal areas, including gyms, dining areas and games rooms. This distinction, along with additional services such as utilities packages, parcel collection and concierges, mean BTR schemes benefit from higher rents and higher tenant retention.


    Families represent one of the fastest-growing renter demographics. As a result, ‘single-family’ BTR is a growing part of the sector, with housebuilders and investors creating homes for rent in suburban locations that cater to families better than more centrally positioned ‘multi-family’ developments.

  • Why Build to Rent?

    Renting is on the rise. There are a variety of reasons for this, from attitude shifts and a more mobile population to increasingly unaffordable house prices. As a result, there is ever more demand for good quality rental accommodation.


    The UK’s BTR market currently represents a small portion of the private rented sector, but is expected to be worth over £100b by 2030.

  • Our Build to Rent Services

    We provide the following services:


    • Development and planning advice
    • Forward funding and forward commitment transactions
    • Joint venture transactions
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Asset management advice


    If you are interested in learning more or require our expertise in this fast growing sector, please contact any of the team.