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Old assumptions about how people choose to live are changing. More people are embracing the advantages of renting, but seek a more professional, reliable approach, and the ease of having all services and utilities included within their monthly rent.

What’s more, they want to live in homes that truly meet their needs, when and where they choose, and to have the amenities and facilities they enjoy located on their doorstep.

But the majority of the UK’s existing housing stock is ill-suited to meet this demand. Houses converted into flats can bring all kinds of issues, and some ‘buy-to-let’ landlords have a reputation for poor service.

For long-term, professional owners and investors it is a growing market that offers huge promise, through either new-build developments or the repurposing of commercial buildings. But the planning rules around permitted development and build-to-rent policies require careful navigation, and specialist insight of the issues involved.

We understand every aspect of the sector, and have the expertise to guide you through it. From acquisition, funding and development, onto executing the right operational and asset management strategies, our team is here to help you.

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