Effective service charge management should minimise an occupier’s liability and relieve the associated administrative burden. We adopt a forensic approach, getting to grips with your leases and service charge documents, identifying all relevant issues to clarify liability and maximise savings.

We use dedicated specialists and tailor reporting and database management to suit client requirements.

Our core service charge consulting services

  • initial review of current and historic service charge liabilities
  • population and management of database containing appropriate service charge information
  • review of budgets, reconciled accounts and apportionment schedules in order
    to determine irrecoverable service costs and accounting errors
  • analysis of leases and other related documentation to identify specific clauses, recoverable costs and exclusions
  • review of service charge invoices and documentation
  • site visits as appropriate to ensure correct services are being provided
  • attending service charge budget meetings
  • negotiation with Landlords and Managing Agents
  • liaison with client regarding payments, savings, refunds and reductions.

Additional service charge management services

  • production of bespoke service charge reports in line with client requirements
  • budgeting and forecasting in line with client financial year
  • full client accounting service to client requirements
  • during acquisitions or lease renewal process advise on appropriate service charge lease clauses.