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The way we live is changing. From students to the elderly, and all life stages in between, people are embracing new types and tenures to meet their housing needs and give them the mixture of flexibility and security they need. The traditional ‘house for life’ is no longer an aspiration shared by all.

At Gerald Eve, we understand the motivations of occupiers and the strategies needed to meet their requirements, including those in the co-living sector. In a market that hinges on the right product in the right location, we are here to help you both identify opportunities and capitalize on them, particularly within co-living property management.

Our specialist team draws on expertise from across our business to guide you throughout the entire investment lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal via financing, planning, development, and asset management, all tailored to the unique demands of co-living properties. What’s more, our national office network gives you unique insight into a sector that can operate on a hyper-local basis, ensuring that your co-living ventures are finely tuned to local demands and market dynamics.

Let us help you bring your co-living initiatives to life.

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