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As the demand for cloud and digital services continues to rise, the data centre market will continue its exponential growth. This, in turn, is driving growth of the data centre real estate asset class with surging demand from investors and developers.


But there are significant challenges around the availability of suitable sites to deliver the required data centre capacity.  Availability of substantial power supply is the primary constraining factor globally and is now beginning to dominate the data centre site selection agenda, over and above fibre network availability and proximity to population centres.


Because of this, we are seeing ever closer synergies between the data and energy sectors.  We see the future of the industry being about zero carbon power enabling zero carbon data.


Our specialist data centre team has the insight and expertise to help clients navigate this challenge in what is becoming one of the UK’s most dynamic markets. We provide innovative advice across all disciplines – energy, site selection, capital markets, land transactions, business rates, lease advisory, valuation, planning and development, building consultancy and asset management – to deliver real value for our clients.

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