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Few real estate sectors have grown in prominence as much as life sciences.

The leading role of UK-based scientists in responding to the pandemic has shone a spotlight on the sector, and with strong backing from both public and private capital, investors and developers are turning their focus to the opportunities it presents. For occupiers, securing the right space in a constrained market is at the top of their agenda.

But there are challenges too, not least in catering to a sector that has hugely diverse requirements. Depending on the research being undertaken, a range of factors – from laboratories and ventilation to transport links and access to talent – determine what prime space looks like. It is a market where only those that truly understand an organisation’s bespoke needs will thrive.

Drawing on unparalleled understanding of the sector, our life sciences team has the insight and expertise to help you navigate one of the UK’s most dynamic markets. We provide innovative advice across all disciplines – including planning and development, investment, leasing, valuation, building consultancy and asset management – to deliver real and lasting value for you.

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