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50 Fenchurch Street, City of London

Service: Town Planning | Sector: London Offices

Welcome to 50 Fenchurch Street, an extraordinary office-led development that harmoniously blends rich heritage with modern design, located on the edge of the City of London. This iconic tower, born from a centuries-old challenge, now stands as a symbol of urban greening, enhanced public access, and a prestigious address in close proximity to landmarks such as the Tower of London.

The Challenge

The Clothworkers’ Company, steeped in a 500-year history, has resided at the site of 50 Fenchurch Street since 1528. However, the existing Clothworkers’ Hall, the sixth iteration on this site, has outlived its purpose. Additionally, the other buildings on the site fail to maximise its potential. Two listed structures on the premises are in a state of disrepair, and pedestrian permeability is lacking. The challenge lay in redeveloping 50 Fenchurch Street to unlock one of the last remaining tall building sites in the City. This redevelopment would not only reshape the urban landscape but also provide the Clothworkers’ Foundation with a significant capital boost, ensuring its philanthropic work continues for generations.


The Solution

In collaboration with Eric Parry Architects, we embarked on a journey to bring forward an innovative office-led development that would rejuvenate 50 Fenchurch Street. The result is a stunning 36-story building with extensive vertical screening, prioritizing sustainability and making a distinctive mark on the City’s skyline. The unique location allowed us to create a substantial new area of public realm at ground level, significantly improving pedestrian access and permeability throughout the site.

A standout feature is the new public terrace at Level 10, offering breathtaking 360-degree views over London—a true jewel in the scheme. The Tower of All Hallows Staining (listed Grade I) will be temporarily propped during construction to make way for the construction of the Clothworkers Hall underneath. Additionally, the Lambe’s Chapel Crypt (listed Grade I) will be meticulously dismantled and reconstructed in the basement of the new development, showcasing our commitment to preserving historical treasures.


The Results

The outcome of this ambitious project is an iconic tower in the heart of the City, maximizing the potential of the site. It offers approximately 88,000 square meters of high-quality office space alongside versatile retail spaces and a significant area of public open space. The project also involves the careful restoration and preservation of heritage assets, ensuring that history remains an integral part of this vibrant development. A modern new Clothworkers Hall, designed to meet the needs of future generations, completes the transformation.

Benefits and Amenities

At 50 Fenchurch Street, sustainability is woven into every aspect of the design, with a strong emphasis on urban greening and public access. The property seamlessly integrates with nearby listed buildings and the Grade I listed tower, harmonizing with the area’s character. The proposed scheme includes a captivating “winter garden,” offering a serene retreat within the bustling city.

Location Advantages

This prime location on the edge of the city provides numerous advantages. Mincing Lane, a vibrant hub of activity, is just a short stroll away, offering access to an array of dining and shopping options. The property’s connection to the city’s dynamic atmosphere ensures that you are always at the epicenter of London’s pulse.

50 Fenchurch Street is not just an office development; it’s a testament to thoughtful urban planning, sustainability, and historical preservation. Experience a workspace that seamlessly marries tradition and innovation—a place where urban greening, public access, and iconic design converge to create a truly exceptional office environment. Join us at 50 Fenchurch Street and be a part of this exciting transformation at the heart of the City of London.

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