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Industrial Valuation

Service: Asset Valuation & Advisory | Sector: Industrial & Logistics

The Challenge

We were originally instructed by HSBC to value various industrial and retail assets being acquired for loan security purposes. Once the portfolio had reached a sufficient size the owning company decided to list the vehicle on the AIM by which time it consisted of predominantly warehouse and industrial assets in a portfolio comprising 27 freehold and long leaseholds nationwide let on more than 150 leases and producing over £8m of income.


The Solution

Having inspected and measured all of the buildings together with undertaking full due diligence on all assets in the preparation of our loan security advice we were instructed by the Company to advise them in connection with the listing. Our researches were updated for the purposes of the initial public offering and valuations prepared for the rigorous associated documentation required by LSE within very tight and precise timescales.


The Result

The loan security valuations enabled the Company to amass a portfolio of a critical size which was then sufficient for the vehicle to be listed on the AIM. Our due diligence for the Company and their sponsors within very strict LSE timetable resulted in the successful launch of the new entity with a combined asset value in excess of £100 million. Finally, we assisted the Company with providing half yearly valuations for financial reporting purposes.

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