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Partners elected to the Rating Surveyors Association

Helen Edwards and Krista Fieldhouse join the RSA Committee

The association comprises industry experts in business rates dedicated to working with public bodies to improve the non-domestic rates system, providing a forum for those in rating to meet and to keep its members fully informed. Helen Edwards and Krista Fieldhouse have recently been elected to the Committee of the RSA recognising their high professional standards and commitment to working with authorities to deliver a fair and transparent rating system.

Historically a male-dominated sector, all four new Committee members are women representative of the shifting attitudes towards gender in the property industry. Women now make up a third of the committee.

Speaking of her career as a female in the industry, Krista Fieldhouse commented, “When I began my career in the 1990s, rating was heavily male dominated. It is great that more women are now staying in the discipline and getting involved at a higher level. To see that all four successful candidates in these elections are women is particularly gratifying and brings the female voice on the committee up to 30%.”

With a team of specialist ratings advisors working alongside Helen and Krista at Gerald Eve, the announcement of this election cements our position as a leading business rates service provider and important influencer in this field.

The RSA is a crucial vehicle in lobbying for positive change in a constantly evolving rating system. I am delighted to be elected to the committee so that I can be a constructive voice in influencing how the system moves forward.

Krista Fieldhouse

I am pleased to have been elected to the committee and would echo Krista’s sentiments. I am very much looking forward to working alongside fellow committee members over the coming years.

Helen Edwards

It is great to see continued representation from Gerald Eve on the RSA Committee. Congratulations Krista and Helen!

Simon Green

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Simon Green

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