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Planning permission approved for redevelopment of St Mungo’s homeless facility

Westminster Council has resolved to grant planning permission for the redevelopment of 217-221 Harrow Road, currently the site of St Mungo’s homeless accommodation centre.

The proposed redevelopment of the site was brought to committee by Gerald Eve, on behalf of Stories and St Mungo’s, and plans include the erection of two new buildings as part of the redevelopment of the dated homeless centre to deliver a far enhanced and more efficient homeless centre, new move-on units, and 98 build to rent and affordable homes.


The development proposals will deliver a comprehensive housing scheme including 45 self-contained units, 19 affordable homes and build to rent housing, all within a development of the highest architectural and environmental quality which will be a very positive addition to Harrow Road. It will have an overall reduction of 62% on site carbon emissions and extensive urban greening.

This is a very important scheme for Westminster and London in addressing homelessness. We have worked very closely with St Mungo’s, Stories, Westminster City Council, the GLA and local stakeholders to bring forward a scheme which meets multiple housing, affordable housing, design and sustainability objectives as well as maximising social value, whilst also representing a deliverable proposition. Working in partnership has led to a successful outcome with a careful balancing exercise required through the decision-making process.

Nick Brindley, Planning Partner

Working on a scheme where the community benefit has been at the forefront of the proposals has been a privilege. The modern fit-for-purpose St Mungo’s facility, and the provision of affordable homes, will help to meet the needs of those within Westminster whilst also establishing a building of high architectural design on the Site. It is a prime example of how proactive discussions between Westminster City Council, GLA, and local stakeholders can bring forward a development that meets the needs of all.

Sam Neal, Associate in Planning

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