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Christian Farmer



I’m the lead Partner on the EDF Energy Estates Management Corporate Real Estate account. I have over 25 years’ real estate experience, working in Agency & Development and Corporate Real Estate in all commercial property sectors across the UK and EMEA.

I have over 10 years’ experience in Corporate Real Estate managing corporate accounts, advising companies across EMEA on the strategic challenges and tactical execution of real estate solutions.  My previous clients have included multinational investment banks, pharmaceuticals and management consultants. My role ranged from formulating high level occupier strategies through to detailed and granular execution in the UK and EMEA. Prior to working in Corporate Real Estate, I spent 15 years in the Central London office agency market providing both consultancy and transactional advice to landlords and occupiers.

Currently I am focused on EDF Energy where 100% of my time is spent leading the Estates Management and Client Finance team on this important client.



  • Portfolio savings – I have managed Corporate Real Estate accounts and advised on transactions where different clients have benefited from $43m and $38.5m respectively of savings across their EMEA portfolios
  • Exec Engagement – I was responsible for developing and advocating the strategy and management of a US Investment Bank’s renewal of their 560,000 sq EMEA headquarters

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