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James Southey



I’m a Partner in our London offices responsible for Corporate Real Estate services. I count myself as a successful business leader and real estate professional with more than 25 years' commercial property experience in UK and International markets.

I have previously held corporate leadership roles overseeing portfolios for Europe, Middle East and Africa, then globally. This latter role included integrated a global office and industrial portfolios of over 600 properties totalling around 17m sqft. I’ve had significant exposure to diverse commercial property markets and a variety of sectors throughout the UK and Europe, but also lived and worked in the USA for five years.

My clients include Siemens, EDF Energy and the Ardonagh Group



  • EDF Energy – I lead the transition and mobilisation of the EDF Energy account into Gerald Eve, totalling around 65 sites and including 135 leases.
  • Office space, Ardonagh Group – I recently completed a rationalisation of office space in Manchester for Ardonagh Group, saving over £130k per annum opex and giving part of the business flexibility to keep 40 desks in serviced offices.
  • Global property – In my global property role (London based) I have managed multiple projects in the US, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

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