James Southey


London (West End)

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T: +44 (0)20 7333 6226

James is a Partner in the Gerald Eve London offices responsible for the business development and corporate real estate services.

A successful business leader and real estate professional with 25 years International commercial property experience.  James spent 5 years living and working in the USA as a commercial broker and most notably held an EMEA, then global corporate leadership role which included integration of a global office and industrial property portfolio of over 600 properties totalling around 17M sqft.  James has had significant exposure to the commercial property markets across Europe and the Middle East specifically but has also transacted office relocations in Beijing, Japan, Singapore and Sydney.  This experience has enabled James to become good at managing complex projects across multiple business units to maximise shareholder return and stakeholder alignment.

Professional experience includes real estate strategy and thought leadership, portfolio planning, asset management, transaction management, large industrial and manufacturing site development, closure and disposal, office relocation and workplace leadership, business case submissions and merger and acquisition due diligence