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John-Paul Shanahan

Facilities Manager


I am a recently appointed Facilities Manager, with the PAM Team at Gerald Eve, based in London’s West End. I have had previous FM experience both nationally and internationally across diverse multi-use portfolio’s with 360 responsibility for Total Facilities Management leading multi-disciplined and multiskilled teams in a host of challenging environments.

I am a firm believer in FM led sustainability and in little changes making big differences. It’s no secret that I have a passion for projects, am highly service orientated and offer innovative and practical solutions for client and tenants alike. Over the years I have been lucky to work with some excellent people and as a result have compiled a very strong network of solutions orientated professionals whose experience, and professional liaison allow me to offer advice, insight and solutions.

I currently provide FM service delivery across a multi-site portfolio that incorporates both the City and the West end of London. It’s a portfolio of recognised growth and I look forward to working with new tenants and continuing to provide the exceptional levels of service the PAM team are founded on.



  • The preparation for Vacant possession of a 1 million Sqft 11 storey building of architectural significance where I identified a change in practice that saw 40 tones of landfill destined equipment and furniture recycled and reused
  • The modernisation and fit out of the top four floors of a commercial property
  • The introduction of Biophilia across the Civic estate of a large LA
  • The introduction of a Waste management system designed to promote eco sustainability

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