Peter Cheung


London (West End)

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T: +44 (0)20 7333 6383

Peter is our partner responsible for design and development of custom software solutions. These solutions encompass property management, rating and accounting databases.Peter has widespread experience in valuation, rating and planning work with an emphasis on properties in the leisure sector.

Specific experience

Development of our Sesame rating application, including various aspects of business analysis, specification design, change management, acceptance testing, user training and data maintenance.

Design and development of our Generate software, used by our Rates Payments Management Service to audit and pay tens of thousands of rates bills with total liability running into hundreds of millions of pounds per annum.

Creation of a valuation program and database used for asset valuation of public sector properties valued on a contractor’s basis, managing data co-ordination across the three firms using the database and reporting to the Scottish Executive.

Project management of the mobilisation process to transfer asset management and rating contracts to Gerald Eve and carrying out systems analysis to determine database programming requirements for the clients’ ongoing needs for a number of major high street retail and leisure operators.