Richard Robinson


London (City office)

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T: +44 (0)20 7652 6850

Richard is a Partner in our Strategic Corporate Real Estate Advisory team based in the City. He specialises in managing occupiers’ commercial property portfolios to maximise efficiency of use and minimise costs. His primary focus is in offices and educational properties.

Richard focuses on providing strategic advice throughout the life cycle of leases as well as conducting broader, proactive portfolio analysis enabling occupiers to maximise efficiency of use and return on cost of their real estate. This includes:

Providing leasehold acquisition advice for offices and educational properties across the UK

Disposal of property that has become surplus to occupiers needs by negotiating the most appropriate strategy and terms for lease exit and termination

Early, proactive engagement ahead of break options or lease expiries to determine the options available and the best course of action for the client

Advice ahead of rent reviews, dilapidation claims and business rates revaluations to forecast the financial implications and enable accurate budgeting

Due diligence ahead of M&A activities to fully assess the property impact and enable early planning for integration