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Belgrove House

Service: Planning & Development | Sector: Life Sciences

Welcome to Belgrove House, a modern office and laboratory HQ building in the life sciences sector. It’s on the ground floor and located in the lively London Borough of Camden, near Argyle Square. As a hub and UK HQ, it plays a big role in advancing research and technology.

The Challenge

Our job was to create a special office and lab HQ for life sciences while respecting the historic King’s Cross and St Pancras stations and blending with the area’s impressive buildings. The UK government wants London to be a global research and tech hub, and Camden Council aims for a thriving Knowledge Quarter. So, the client’s task was clear: design a green building that helps the local community in economic, social, and environmental ways.

The Solution

We worked with AHMM Architects and talked to many people, like government officials, TfL, and the local community. We came up with a ten-story building. Labs are on the lower floors, and offices are on top.

We wanted Belgrove House to fit in with the historic stations and benefit the public. Across from King’s Cross Underground Station, we added a new entrance, making it easier for everyone to use. We also improved the area around Euston Road.

Belgrove House has a café, a space for events, and places for learning. It’s a green building, using new technology to save energy. The offices have big windows with plants, making it nice to look at and helping the environment.

The Result

Camden Council said yes to a big office and lab building (about 26,000 sq m). It will be MSD’s UK Discovery Research and HQ if they agree. The Mayor of London supports it too.

This project will do a lot of good things for the public. It will give more people jobs, training, and a better chance to learn new things. It will also make life better for the people who live nearby.

Belgrove House cares about the environment. It wants to be very green and get top marks for being a good building.

Location and Getting There

Belgrove House is easy to reach with an entrance on Euston Road. It’s right in the middle of a busy community known for doing new and exciting things.

Community and the Future

Belgrove House is not just a place of work. It’s also about helping the community and being kind to the planet. It’s going to be one of the best green buildings in town, using new ideas to save energy and look after nature.

Belgrove House is a sign of new ideas and helping the community. It’s in a great spot, easy to reach, and always thinking about the future. Come see Belgrove House, where new ideas grow, and the community gets stronger.

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