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The land use challenge

Creating a system to deliver net zero

The clock is ticking on the UK’s journey to net zero.

A comprehensive re-wiring and re-plumbing of the country is needed to support increased renewable generation; energy distribution, storage, and stability; and complimentary technologies such as hydrogen electrolysis and carbon capture. Balancing these competing priorities to maximise land use and support net zero is an enormous challenge. We are pleased to bring you fresh insights from the experts leading the necessary changes in land use to deliver net zero.

We have partnered with law firm TLT, real estate consultants and experts in the energy transition, to understand more about the issue and we are grateful to all our interviewees for sharing their insights and expertise. The electrification of the economy, and the necessary transformation in land use, has profound implications across the real estate sector for occupiers and investors. This is a critically important topic and as our report shows, the industry will need to come together to make real progress. This report starts to unpack the complexities and challenges involved – but also the opportunities. We hope you find it interesting and useful.

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