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Build-to-Rent in Manchester

Spotlight on: Greater Manchester

Build to Rent: Greater Manchester

Welcome to Gerald Eve’s inaugural report on Build to Rent (BTR) in Greater Manchester. This marks the beginning of our series of reports dedicated to exploring the significant regional BTR hubs across the UK. In our commitment to delivering precise and up-to-date insights, we take a hands-on approach. Rather than solely relying on planning portals and third-party databases, we annually conduct thorough inspections of every consented BTR site in each of Greater Manchester’s boroughs. This approach allows us to provide an accurate representation of progress and feasibility, free from potentially inflated numbers from projects that may not materialise in their existing consented form, especially given the current climate.



Build to Rent in Greater Manchester signifies high-quality living at its finest. These purpose-built properties redefine the rental experience with a focus on modern amenities, convenience, community living, and quality interiors.


Modern Amenities:

BTR developments in Greater Manchester offer an extensive array of contemporary amenities that cater to residents’ desires. Fitness centers, communal spaces, and leisure facilities enrich the overall living experience.



Residents benefit from on-site property management and maintenance services, ensuring a hassle-free living experience with timely responses to their needs.


Community Living:

Greater Manchester’s BTR properties foster a strong sense of community through shared spaces and organised events, providing opportunities for social interaction and a genuine sense of belonging.


Quality Interiors:

BTR apartments in Greater Manchester boast high-quality finishes and fixtures. Modern kitchens, stylish bathrooms, and spacious living areas contribute to a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment.


Market Insights

Our research provides valuable insights into the current state of the BTR market in Greater Manchester. The emphasis on high-quality living significantly influences supply and demand dynamics. Supported by relevant statistics and case studies, our findings offer a comprehensive view of the market landscape.


Benefits for Renters

Choosing a Build to Rent property in Greater Manchester unlocks a plethora of benefits, with high-quality living experiences at the forefront:



BTR properties offer a seamless living experience with on-site management and maintenance services.


Modern Amenities:

Access to fitness centers, communal spaces, and leisure facilities enriches residents’ lifestyles.



Opportunities for social interaction and a strong sense of belonging within the BTR community.



High-quality interiors and finishes create a comfortable and stylish living environment.


To read the full report, find out more about the Manchester market including a granular look at the boroughs or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the BTR team.


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