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Euro Logistics: Spring 2022

Welcome to Euro Logistics, a report compiled by the network of independent professionals in the Gerald Eve International Alliance.

Inside you will find a brief snapshot of rents, split by large, medium, and small box units, prime yields, and land values. This report highlights the key industrial locations throughout Europe and our consistent metrics offer easy comparison. In this edition, we introduced construction sector research to understand how and where the logistics industry is being impacted by macroeconomic trends.

Gerald Eve’s dedicated Industrial and Logistics team comprises 55 professionals, which cover all aspects of the I&L sector. Collaborating with our market leading Research team, you can be confident that your real estate decisions are underpinned by market intelligence, applied to your individual needs. This depth in expertise is reiterated across the Alliance, where our Partners are award winning in the sector and can assist you in your multi-country portfolio transactions and consultancy requirements. We appreciate that your needs do not stop at borders.

Our Alliance provides you with independent, expert advice, for all property types throughout Europe, North America, Canada and beyond. Our close working relationship grants you the flexibility to choose between having a single point of contact, or direct communication with each jurisdiction.

We hope you find this report both useful and interesting. Gerald Eve and our International Alliance partners remain available to help you make better real estate decisions.

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