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September 2020

We track the share price movement and regulatory announcements of 57 real estate owning listed entities (“Gerald Eve tracked index”). A summary of the Gerald Eve tracked index in terms of GAV, NAV, LTV, Dividend, Share Price, Market Cap, Discount/Premium to NAVnand their respective weekly movement is attached.

This edition provides a comparison to share price data from 3 February 2020 (pre-Covid-19 level) to 31 August, demonstrating the impact across certain entities as a direct result of Covid-19.

As at 31 of August, the Gerald Eve tracked index is currently down 32% to pre-Covid-19 levels, under-performing the FTSE350 which is down 20% by comparison.

The tracked listed REITs share price increased on average 1% since 1 August 2020 (March: -25%, April: +6%, May: -3%, June: -3%, July: -1%). The average discount to NAV is currently 29% against 3% pre-Covid-19.

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