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The Government has introduced significant changes to the Use Classes Order in England.

The relevant secondary legislation comes into force on 1 September, after having been laid on 21 July. It will have permanent effect.



Classes A1 (shops), A2 (professional services), A3 (restaurants), B1 (offices) and parts of D1 will be amalgamated into a new Class E, covering “commercial, business and service” uses. This appears to include commercial offices. Class E is reproduced in Appendix 1.

The “A” (shop-type) and “D” (institutions) use classes will be abolished.

Those parts of the current Class D1 not incorporated into Class E are transferred to a new Class F1, including education, non-commercial galleries, museums, libraries, public halls, places of worship, and law courts.

A new Class F2 is created for community uses. This will include small corner shops (shops selling essentials of less than 280 sq m over 1km from the nearest similar shop), local community halls, swimming pools and outdoor recreation areas.

Pubs, wine bars and drinking establishments, pubs with expanded food provision, hot food takeaways, live music venues, cinemas, concert, bingo and dance halls are all added to the list of sui generis uses.


To read the full briefing note click here.

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