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Material Change of Circumstance (MCC)

Capture savings for Material Change of Circumstances.

Significant changes to your property or the surroundings can constitute a Material Change of Circumstance (MCC), potentially affecting your property’s Rateable Value and reducing business rate liability.


Our team can help you spot MCCs and appeal for a reassessment of your property’s Rateable Value, potentially resulting in lower business rates liability for you.


Contact us today to learn more about our tailored services and how they can help you unlock additional savings through MCC appeals.

  • Get comprehensive MCC appeals support

    Our sector specialists devise strategies to uncover extra savings via MCC appeals, which can stem from direct property changes or indirect changes in the local area or industry.


    Some examples of Material Change of Circumstance we advise on:


    – Significant alterations or damage to the property, such as extensions, renovations, or repairs, which affect its size, layout, or usage.


    – Changes in the surrounding area, such as new developments, roadworks, or closures that affect accessibility and footfall.


    – Introduction or removal of nearby facilities, such as public transportation, amenities, or services, which influence the attractiveness or accessibility of the property.


    – Issues such as increased noise, pollution, or flooding risks that affect the property’s desirability or functionality.

  • Streamline communication and awareness

    To keep your managers informed about potential savings opportunities, we provide guidance that can be embedded within your organisation. This proactive approach ensures managers remain vigilant and aware of circumstances that may lead to successful MCC appeals and savings.

  • Use our innovative MCC App for real-time updates

    We have developed an MCC App that enables site managers to notify us directly of potential MCC opportunities. This easy-to-use tool allows for efficient communication, ensuring our team can quickly assess and act upon the information provided to maximise your savings.

  • Equip your team

    Our skilled team provides customised training for your staff, highlighting how to spot successful MCC appeal opportunities for added savings.

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